Stocks Available

OSH produces various stocks of Crassostrea virginica.  Please read on below for the details on these stocks.

Wild Stock
Best suited for purposes of restoration, OSH produces Rappahanock seed and larvae from wild caught stock


Disease Resistant Stocks 

OSH produces seed from a number of disease resistant lines that are supplied by The Aquaculture Genetics and Breeding Technology Center at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science.  

Several established lines that have been bred for growth rate and disease resistance,but are no longer actively under selection: 

DEBY – original stock from Delaware Bay but selected for disease resistance in York River
- good all around performer with proven track record

Lola – original stock from Louisiana hybridized to mid-Atlantic lines
- fast growth, but less MSX resistance than others.


New lines derived from ABC family program under intense selection for a number of commercial traits, including survival, growth, meat content, and shape, were released for the first time in 2016: 


HNRY -- original genetic material from many lines has been selected from salinities where diseases are prevalent (>20psu)

LILY -- original genetic material from many lnies has been tested in lower salinities (~10psu)

Visit for more info on disease resistant stocks 


Your Stock 
If you have your own line of oysters you would like to propagate, we can help you!  Broodstock conditioning fees may apply.


Triploid Oysters
A second layer to the strain a buyer may select is triploid or diploid. Diploid is the natural state, whereas triploid oysters are those which have been manipulated to be sterile. These oysters have proven to be more robust in the face of disease boasting higher survival and faster growth than their diploid counterparts.


Under contract with the College of William and Mary, OSH can produce “natural triploids” of any of the above stocks.

All of the different stocks and genetic variations are available as eyed larvae or seed. 

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