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Who we are

OSH is an independent and innovative shellfish hatchery that embraces technology as a means to advance our own operations and the larger aquaculture industry, adopting a “tech forward” approach to support the “growing edge.” We are a recognized leader in developing products and techniques to support oyster production. Since our inception in 2008, we have been a trusted source of seed and expert advice to oyster growers, while also opening our doors to public tours that provide educational insight into the rarified world of shellfish hatchery production.


OSH aims to be the premier independent supplier of high-quality shellfish seed. We are unique in this position because we have not sought vertical integration, allowing the company to put the needs of our customers first and consistently provide the best quality seed. 


OSH started in 2008 as a result of a large unmet demand for oyster seed in the Chesapeake Bay region. OSH was self-funded by a large player in the seafood processing sector of Virginia.  Mike Congrove was hired from the start and was instrumental in designing and building the bricks-and-mortar facility. In 2014, Congrove purchased the hatchery from the original owner and has run it as President since.  Up to 2021, there has been no formal R&D presence, but OSH has been innovating in the “back room” so to speak.  In 2021, we formalized our R&D presence by taking on an R&D Coordinator and an R&D Manager.  In 2020 we also formalized our outreach efforts to bring the hatchery side of the shellfish farming experience to the consumer with in-depth hatchery tours.


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