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Embracing           Aquaculture

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Visiting us

Thanks to grant funding from the Chesapeake Oyster Alliance through Chesapeake Bay Foundation in 2022, OSH has opened its doors to the public to offer tours and tastings at our hatchery at Milford Haven.  Visitors can experience first hand the complex lifecycle of oysters in an aquaculture facility and after experience a tasting sampler, at our food truck, The Hatchery!  To visit The Hatchery for an open-air, oyster-lovers waterfront dining experience, visit


FRIDAY 5-sunset, SATURDAY 4-sunset, SUNDAY 12-4


Every other Friday from May through August, visitors can experience a tour and tasting experience at Oyster Seed Holdings to see how farm-raised oysters get their start. Guests will start with a 30 minute immersive tour of our facility, one of the largest producers of oyster seed on the east coast. Tickets include a serving of raw and cooked oysters paired with local wines at our water side oyster eatery, The Hatchery Food Truck, while enjoying views of Milford Haven at Callis Wharf.  

Hatchery tours, Gretchen giving tour

Food Truck

OPENING May 17. From May through November, visitors can visit our waterfront eatery, a one-of-it's-kind experience featuring food truck-style ordering, an open-air picnic table dining area, and beer & wine for sale.  This authentic oyster-lovers experience includes a visit to our oyster seed facility, where you will enjoy a menu of local farm-to-table oysters prepared fresh from The Hatchery food truck with views of our hatchery production in the background.

Customers eating at The Hatchery outdoor waterfront eatery

Boat Charters from The Hatchery

This year, we are partnering with Mathews Deadrise Charters to offer more aquaculture experiences from our location at The Hatchery! Now you can take your oyster experience one step further by booking a boat charter that takes off from our floating dock. Whether you book it alone or add it to your hatchery tour experience, you can learn about how oysters are raised to adult size by visiting a local farm on the Milford Haven. Boat charters will run every other Friday the same days as our oyster hatchery tours & tastings. Charters must be booked well in advance and can accommodate groups up to 6. 

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