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We're Hiring

Oyster Seed Holdings (OSH) is seeking applicants for a part-time, summer video production intern to join our team. The successful candidate will receive hands-on production and editing experience by creating short videos that connect the consumer to Virginia aquaculture farms. 

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Video Production Intern OSH

Video Production Internship

About Us

OSH is an independent, commercial oyster hatchery located in Mathews County, Virginia. We are a small company with a big impact, hyper-focused on producing premier quality oyster seed and larvae product to our customers. Our customers are farms up and down the East Coast that grow out baby oysters to full size and sell them to market for public consumption! 


OSH has three main focuses to our company mission that includes production, research and development, and outreach. In the past few years, our company has made very intentional efforts to increase our outreach in the community, connecting people directly to our robust aquaculture industry.


We started by offering tours & tastings at our hatchery facility so that the public can learn how oysters are raised in a commercial setting. The tours help us to highlight many of the great things about shellfish aquaculture including the fact that oysters clean the water by reducing sediment and nutrient levels, provide habitat for other species in the bay. Not to mention, shellfish are one of the few farm-raised proteins that have a net-positive impact (meaning more good than harm) on their environment! 


This concept expanded in 2023 when we launched “The Hatchery” food truck, an outdoor, waterfront dining experience at our location on Gwynn’s Island. From Spring-Fall, we serve a curated oyster-centric menu every weekend with views of our hatchery production and local farms in the background. Every week, we featured oysters from a different oyster farm along Virginia’s coast.



The video production intern will be responsible for taking our media advocacy to the next level and developing video highlights about the different farms that we will serve at “The Hatchery” food truck! The intern will work directly with our marketing staff to visit different oyster farms weekly, and produce a 3-5 minute video for our social media. The video will highlight each oyster farm’s company to include their ethos, location and waters, owners, grow out methods, and unique product. The videos are intended to raise awareness of the environmental sustainability of aquaculture and connect people more closely to our working waters, so they can learn and be proud of where their shellfish comes from.

Applicants must be available to work ~15 hours/week, roughly May-September.  Around 60% of the time will be travel, meetings, and shooting footage, while the remainder of the time editing can be done remotely. Might include occasional Saturdays for a few hours. The candidate must be willing to travel for the video shoots and have reliable transportation. 

Preferred Experience

  • Communications or Film & Media majors strongly preferred. 

  • Experience in video filming and audio

  • Experience in video editing such as Adobe, Canva, or other editing suites


  • Research each farm and develop an engaging story/questions for the video highlight

  • Develop interview questions and preparing farm staff for what to expect

  • Travel with an OSH staff member to local oyster farms for video production

  • Record interviews and footage of each farm.

  • Video editing, cutting and compiling content with staff into 2-4 minute video segments.

Pay & Benefits

  • Starting $15/hr. Travel expenses will be compensated. ​

Please send your resume and cover letter to to apply!

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