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Aquaculture Boat Tours from 
The Hatchery Food Truck

Aquaculture tours that take off from The Hatchery!  Maximum 6 guests on the charter.  Must book ahead with Mathews Deadrise Charters.. Departs from our floating dock at 425 Callis Wharf Road, Grimstead 

Every other Fridays | 1 hour |  $150
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TREY Helen Elizabeth.jpg

Whether you are visiting The Hatchery for dinner, or booked one of our Hatchery Tour and Tasting experiences on Friday night, take your aquaculture experience one step further by booking an oyster farm tour by boat!


The boat tour will take off from the floating dock at The Hatchery. Captain Trey, a commercial watermen and owner of Mathews Deadrise Charters, will take you to a nearby oyster farm on the Milford Haven to show you how oysters are raised from seed to adults by oyster farmers.   The boat tours are booked separately.  You must reserve the entire boat in advance. (Maximum 6).  Enjoy the oyster-centric menu and drinks at the food truck afterwards for the full cradle-to-plate experience! 


When to plan your boat trip

Bookings are made in advance. If you book a boat tour and a hatchery tour in the same evening, please allow 1 hour buffer between tours. The aquaculture tours are run at 5:30pm & 7pm every other Fridays. For example, if you booked a 6:00pm hatchery for one tour, you can only book the 7pm boat tour.

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