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On the growing edge of shellfish culture

Oyster Seed Holdings, Inc is a hatchery-specific company on the "growing edge" of shellfish culture, bent on driving forward hatchery technology and ensuring steady supply of premier quality oyster larvae and seed to farms.  The company sits atop three pillars that define us: GROW      |       LEARN       |       VISIT



As the name suggests, we grow oyster seed!  If you are a farm in need of oyster seed, visit our order form to get started.



OSH is a tech forward hatchery employing and developing hatchery technology to ensure premier quality product.  

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We believe deeply in the benefits of shellfish aquaculture and want to immerse consumers in hatchery tech.  

The Hatchery Food truck
the 2023 season has ended
re-opening spring 2024

Oyster Seed Holdings, Inc presents The Hatchery food truck- proudly connecting people to today's dynamic aquaculture industry. Our waterfront eatery is a one-of-it's-kind experience featuring food truck-style ordering, an open-air picnic table dining area, and beer & wine for sale. 


This authentic oyster-lovers experience includes a visit to our oyster seed facility, where you will enjoy a menu of local farm-to-table oysters prepared fresh from The Hatchery food truck with views of our hatchery production in the background.  


We are located at the historic Callis Wharf on Gwynn's Island, featuring stunning Island sunsets over the Milford Haven.  Join us for a down-to-earth aquaculture experience! Visit Website

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Oyster Seed Holdings, Inc

425 Callis Wharf Rd.

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United States


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